NCHD&IT had been involved in the Government schools in the state. At present, the organization focuses in Dimapur district. The main goal of this is to enhance the learning capacity of primary students, to increase the number of enrollment in schools. To upgrade and develop child-friendly curriculum through key manuals. Special Learning Centers are an attached component in the government schools wherein we take primary children into a two-hour learning through activity and joyful manner. The response of children to this new innovation is overwhelming.

Vibrant Library is a co-curricular concept to bring in the children to a place where child-friendly books are being kept. Children go into Library sessions with picture –talk, fish bowl discussions, recitals, storytelling etc.

Learning through Library Resources & Sessions

Focusing on communities has evolved to be strategic and effective in delivering services in local context. Library is an important avenue for children to improve their learning in activity based- library session. It would typically have a wide range of materials to engage and support their reading and learning. Additionally, libraries often host storytelling sessions, reading programs, and other activities to encourage reading and literacy development among primary school learners. This will enhance the children to bridge the English learning gap, life skills, build confident to speak Basic English, read with comprehension, and form and write simple sentences on his/her own.
Reading transcends class, race, age and gender. It’s the magic carpet ride to anywhere on earth, at any point in time. Every child, regardless of age or ability, deserves to be able to access the written word. Readers who go on to develop a life-long love of literature not only decode, segment, and blend with ease, they have a genuine adoration for the power of prose. In order to stimulate a lasting love of reading, it’s crucial that we build a strong reading culture in the government schools.