Our Founder

Mrs. P.T.Aienla is the founder of NCHD-IT Centre. She holds a Master Degree in Education and a Post Graduate in Development Management from Behavioral Science Centre, (St.Xavier’s College) Gujarat State (2001-2003). Besides, she also holds a Diploma in Environmental Processes in Formal Education (Uppsala University, Sweden) and a Diploma in Water Treatment Management from Stockholm Water Company , Sweden. Mrs. Aienla has extensive experience in community work, training and leadership.

Mrs. P.T.Aienla Lemtor lives with her husband and daughter in Nairobi, Kenya where she is involved in socio-economic development and empowerment of marginalized groups and communities in Elgeyo Markwet Country.

Who we are?

Nagaland Centre for Human Development and Information Technology (NCHD&IT) is Non Profit Organization. NCHD&IT is a community set up in 2000 in Dimapur that has been working in a concreted manner since 2013 for participatory community development and building leadership capabilities for socio-economic empowerment amongst women, children and youth, using training, information and awareness creation in different districts of Nagaland. Livelihood has been the main focal area for NCHD&IT.

We have worked closely with women and youth in various livelihood interventions both farm and non-farm to increase their access to productive resources and improve their living situations. We have supported the Joint Liability Group (JLGs) promoting large cardamom and organic green tea and it has had huge successes in Kiphire and Mon districts where farmers sustain for their livelihood. NCHD&IT have also worked on child sponsorship program collaboration with Child Help Foundation and were the technical partner for the implementation of the Hole –in-the- wall program implemented by NIIT Foundation and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Nagaland. Special Learning Sessions – a program in education funded by IDeA – The Ant.


A miniature team of the organization with a right mix of skills complementing one another forms the synergy across the workflow. Collective ability to multitask takes the project forward and execute plan of action within a timeline.


Empower individuals, groups, communities and organisation realize their potential through education.


Reach maximum number of individuals, groups, communities and organisation through NCHD & IT and bring about sustainable change in their lives through education.



  1. Respect: believing in and appreciating the dignity and potential of all human beings.
  2. Commitment: fulfilling organizational goals with full commitment towards our duties and responsibilities.
  3. Excellence: setting high performance standard and be accountable for and responsible towards work.
  4. Responsibilty: to be creative, have self confidence and be ready to take on challenges
  5. Integrity: honesty and sensibility


Our main objective is to promote human development in Nagaland
1). To promote entrepreneurship (income generation and livelihood)
2). To promote education
3). To promote agriculture
4). To promote environmental protection and climate change
5). To promote Information Technology

NCHD&IT has five mainstays as follows:

  • Livelihood
  • Capacity building
  • Skill Development
  • Support Packages
  • Education

Programme areas

The centre pursues programmes and interventions through interdependent action and networking in the following major areas
1. Entrepreneurial Development programme
2. Human Resource Development
3. Rural Development
4. Communication & Information Technology
5. Support for underprivileged children
6.Education sector

What we do?

(a) Capacity building on education.
(b) Livelihood
(c) Skill development.
(d) Women empowerment program.
(e) Agriculture extension service provider.