North Eastern Region is one of the hot- spot of bio resources for its richness in flora and fauna. Among others, mentioned may be made for medicinal and aromatic plants, spice crops besides tea, rubber, orange, pineapple etc. important spice crops include ginger, turmeric, chilli (Bhut Jalokia/ Naga Chilli/King Chilli), large cardamom.

A joint effort along with NABARD and SIDBI, NCHD&IT has mobilized about 300 Joint Liability Programme in 5 (five) districts of the state and encouraged them to make use of the unused land for economic stability. The short term activities are both Rabi and Kharif crops, the long term crops are like tea, rubber, Arracanut, black pepper, beetle vine, large cardamom etc.

In Kipheri, around 300 hectors are covered under Cardamom cultivation and doing very well in this district. Cardamom cultivation year 2013 we invited experts’ scientist from Spice Board both Horticulture Department and JLGs attended the training. The cardamom farmers of Kipheri district is new to this crop and the organization since the inception have been helping them learn, guiding them to follow systematically and technically correct. A Cardamom drying machine for five villages is recently set in a village.

Hand Embroidery and Crochet Creation – An innovation

For NCHD&IT team, Embroidery and Crocheting is a kind of art that involves artful creativity making it trendy, helpful and attractive. The creation has significance in social, emotional and psychological aspects.

In this initiative, our purpose is to provide a wide range of beautifully crafted embroidery and crochet products to our customers. Lazy daisies, French knot, cable chains and other designs with crochet items such as crochet dolls, octopus, hats, cactus, golden bells, flowers and faces of many creatures are our creation. We ensure relevance of the business so all the products are 100% hand-made and customized to customers’ taste and choice. We can provide both custom made order item and ready stock items.

We are also committed to conduct 30 – day Training on Embroidery and Crochet to Women and Young Girls in Difficult Circumstance in order to enable their skill for a better means of living. So far we have trained 30 women in difficult situation even a girl of locomotor disability