Nagaland Centre for Human Development and Information Technology (NCHD-IT), has mobilized about 300 Joint Liability Programme in 5 (five) districts of the state and encouraged them to make use of the unused land for economic stability. We have been encouraging and teaching the JLGs to take up one short term activities and one long term activities. The short term activities are both Rabi and Kharif crops, the long term crops are like tea, rubber, Arracanut, black pepper, beetle vine, large cardamom and etc. Cardamom cultivation is taken up in a big way in two districts i.e. Mon and Kipheri of the state by the Joint Liability Groups formed by NCHD-IT.
Presently we are working in 5 (five) districts out of total 11 districts in the state under the Joint Liability Group (JLG) Programme in partners with National Agriculture Bank and Rural Development (NABARD), Dimapur Regional Office, Nagaland. We also have two Self Help Programme Initiatives (SHPI) programmes of NABARD one in Dimapur and other in Mokokchung district. We have more than 2000 farmers registered under the NCHD-IT who have taken up agriculture and agri allied programmes. They are cultivating different crops. Some are into tea, Cardamom – covering over three thousand hecters, Rubber, Black pepper, Maize, Rajma Beans, potatoes, Cabbage and etc. in large scale. This JLG movement has instilled in the minds of the farmers to think big and go for large scale cultivation. The organization has been working hard to help them link to state government and Central Government and financial institution like banks – for financial and technical support.